WikiInvestigation launched the third wave of mini-grant programme


The EU-funded project “Supporting prevention of corruption and investigation through civic engagement on a local level” which is implemented by Innovation and Development Foundation (IDF) announces a third (final) wave of mini-grant programme of up to 500 Euro for conducting anti-corruption investigations.

Main goal of the programme:

To conduct anti-corruption investigations on the basis of WikiInvestigation crowdsourcing investigation platform.

The author of the investigation should not only describe the corruption scheme, but also prove using collected documents and crowdsourcing - civic detectives who will receive tasks directly from a professional via the platform. Based on the investigation, the author should send a report of crime to the relevant anti-corruption bodies.

The third wave of the programme provides that investigators will receive mini-grants in equivalent of up to EUR 500. The size of the mini-grant may vary depending on the compliance with the requirements to the investigation. The final amount of the mini-grant will be determined by the Central Coordinators Committee at the grant meeting, which will be held on monthly basis.

Requirements for the investigation that would receive the highest grant amount:

- All-Ukrainian scale;

- Systemic corruption or corruption offense with an amount of damage exceeding UAH 1 000 000;

- Legal qualification in accordance with the provisions of the CCU;

- Evidence and proof (documents, photos, links to open resources (registries, databases, websites, social networks, etc.);

- Posting suspicion and investigation on;

- Investigation should not exceed 6,000 characters and contain references to the sources of information used in the preparation of the publication.


Applicants must be registered on the platform.

Published investigation  must meet the requirements.

Once a month for the eight months (until November 1, 2020), the Committee of Central Coordinators will identify the two best investigations that will receive mini-grant support.

A mini-grant is paid to the author after the investigation is published on the platform for up to 1 month.

Investigations published on the platform from March 1 to November 1, 2020 may participate in the competition.

WikiInvestigation is a project designed to unite the public and to  combat corruption by jointly detecting and investigating corruption schemes.

The project is being implemented in five pilot cities: Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Chernivtsi and Zhytomyr and investigates corruption in the following areas: education, medicine, ecology and natural resources, social sphere and criminal justice.

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