Whistleblowers should start the process of establishing an Institute of whistleblowing in Ukraine – expert


The process of establishing an Institute of whistleblowing in Ukraine needs to start from Whistleblowers. Only then this tool will effectively work and show its full potential, and only then it will expand further.

This was stated by an expert of the Innovation and Development Foundation (IDF) Ukraine, one of the co-authors of the bills on the Whistleblowers Liudmyla Arakhamia.

Currently, the attention of the Office of the President of Ukraine and the public is focused on the Whistleblowers as an effective tool for the fight against corruption. As the world experience shows, this tool is one of the most effective in the world. This is a positive signal from the whole team of the new President, who demonstrates the readiness for comprehensive anti-corruption reform
It is necessary to start from the Whistleblowers for two reasons.
First, Ukrainians consider the problem of corruption the biggest problem in the country, and secondly, of all law enforcement agencies, the level of trust to anti-corruption bodies, including NABU, is the highest.

This means that the tool of whistleblowing can actually work. While the introduction of the Institute of Whistleblowers may collapse at the beginning because of the unwillingness of the relevant authorities to respond promptly and effectively to reports of the Whistleblowers.

Liudmyla Arakhamia

The founder of StateWatch Olexandr Lemenov shares the same opinion.

If we cannot implement some relatively simple things and start from taking on something very large-scale and global, then this does not work for us, and as a result, the idea itself is being discredited. Therefore, norms on serious and especially grave crimes in the sphere of corruption should be implemented now, and if this works, then this practice will be extended to the Whistleblowers who report other types of crimes

Olexandr Lemenov

Let’s add that the legislative initiatives of the Office of the President provide material encouragement for a limited category of Whistleblowers who report the most serious corruption crimes. The severity of corruption offenses for which the Whistleblower may be remunerated is determined by the size of the object of the crime, such as the amount of the bribe and the amount of damage recovered by State.

In the future, depending on the successful implementation of the material rewards incentive system described above, the legislator may return to this issue and expand the number of cases in which the Whistleblowers will be eligible for material compensation.


It should be reminded that on August 19 under the leadership of Deputy Head of the Presidential Office Ruslan Riaboshapka representatives of public organizations and international partners of Ukraine discussed the fight against corruption and changes made to the legislation on the Whistleblowers. The discussion was held in the Office of the President of Ukraine.

 The co-authors of a bills are representatives of the Institute of Applied Humanitarian Research, Innovation and Development Foundation (IDF), USAID project “ The Support to Anti-Corruption Champion Institutions ” (SACCI).

 Relevant bills prepared considering the election commitments of Volodymyr Zelensky, will be submitted by the President as urgent for parliamentary consideration.