The official statement of WikiInvestigation on Constitutional Court decision (from February 26, 2019)


WikiInvestigation project officially states, that abolition of criminal liability for illicit enrichment is daunting challenge for the progressive Ukrainian and World community that is implementing anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine.

We are willing to call for crowdsourcing and with the power of Ukrainian people to expose all the scale of illicit enrichment of the officials, prosecutors and deputies throughout the country, and to propose the most optimal amendments to the existing legislation.

We want to remind, that according to the decision of the Constitutional Court from February 26, 2019, Article 368-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine on criminal liability for illicit enrichment is recognized unconstitutional, and as a result, almost 70 related criminal proceedings will be closed.

According to this Article, since 2015, 106 criminal investigations have been initiated; 37 were closed, 4 transferred to court, and 65 WILL BE CLOSED!