The head of the SES Yaroshenko did not declare estates in Kyiv



The head of the State Employment Service, Valeriy Yaroshenko, did not declare the estate in the Holosiivskyi district in Kyiv, which belongs to Yevgenia Yaroshenko, his wife.

This is stated in the investigation named `Wild Grapes`.

In the e-declaration of acting Head of the State Employment Service (Central Office) Valeriy Yaroshenko declared false information, since there is reason to suspect that his wife officially owns a house of almost 15 square meters. But in fact, at the same address a much larger living house is situated. And, as public detectives proved, Yaroshenko was aware of the presence of this property, so he deliberately did not it in the declaration.

It is stated in the text of the investigation that `If, according to the results of the assessment, the value of the newly declared estate of Yaroshenko is bigger than UAH 440,500 (as of June 2018, the subsistence minimum is UAH 1762), the head of the SES will be held criminally liable under Article 366-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.`

Detectives also found out that, according to the State Register of Real Property Rights, the full namesake of Yaroshenko`s wife - Yevgenia Yaroshenko in April this year received an apartment of 80 square meters as a gift.

It should be reminded that according to the results of the first investigation concerning abuses by the State Employment Service (Central Office), WikiInvestigation detectives had reason to believe that out of the 30 million hryvnias that were illegally spent on the purchase of services in IQusion IT LLC, part of the money could be moved through  PIFs and the in cash money return to the pocket of the SES leadership in the form of "gratitude" for the conducted tenders and signed work completion statements.