Results of the second wave of WikiInvestigation mini-grant program


We have summarized the results of the second wave of WikiInvestigation mini-grant program and identified 25 suspicions of corruption-related offenses on the platform. Their authors will receive a chance to turn these suspicions into full-fledged investigations with the financial support of WikiInvestigation.

The project "Supporting prevention of corruption and investigation through civic engagement on a local level” WikiInvestigation, implemented by Innovation and Development Foundation (IDF) with the financial support of the European Union, announced the second wave of mini-grant program for anti-corruption investigations.

The goal of the program is to conduct anti-corruption investigations through the WikiInvestigation crowdsourcing investigative platform.

The author of the investigation should not only describe the corruption scheme, but also prove it using documents and the crowd – civic detectives who will receive tasks from a professional through the platform. Based on the investigation, the author should write a report of corruption-related offense to the relevant anti-corruption body

WikiInvestigation is a project designed to gather the public and counteract corruption by jointly detecting and investigating corruption schemes.

The project is implemented in five pilot cities: Kharkiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Chernivtsi and Zhytomyr and investigates corruption in the following: education, medicine, ecology and natural resources, social sphere and criminal justice.