International Blockchain Congress

International Blockchain Congress serves as a tool to:

  • Bridge the gap between countries;
  • Also, provides a method for allowing for commenting and policy input by various blockchain ambassadors and stakeholders thereby procuring global stakeholder buy-in;
  • Besides, establishes a platform for self-regulation, education, and dialogue with regulators around the world


  • Policy - diffusion of innovations, KYC & AML, regulations, compliance, fraud mitigation, smart cities, identity management.
  • Smart Contracts - automated escrow, fundraising, Solidity, Ethereum, EOS, Dapps, chaincode, verification & enforcement, transaction costs.
  • Security - custody, security entitlements, wallets, hashes, data protection, code testing, endpoint vulnerabilities & attacks.
  • AI & Data - machine learning, advanced analytics, data mining, automation, ambient intelligence and interoperability.
  • Supply Chain - IOT, tracking & tracing, retail, RFID, wearables, AR/VR, efficiency & transparency, warehousing & delivery.
  • Energy & Estate - energy utility models, as well as renewable & wholesale energy, property titles, democratised ownership.
  • Tokenomics - utility & asset backed tokens, ICOs, CTOs, P2P economy, game theory, revenue models.
  • FinTech - trade finance, open banking, payments, exchanges, digital commerce, mobile & micropayments.
  • Infrastructure - cloud computing, cryptocurrency mining, data centres, hardware, GPUs, ASICS, Hyperledger, Oracle 
  • Healthcare - bio-crypto economy, medical records, genomics, clinical trials data, consent management, personalised medicine.
  • Crypto - Bitcoin, XRP, Ether, Monero, Zcash, soft & hard forks, investments, stable coins, futures, options, trading.

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