IDF welcomes reinstatement of criminal liability for illicit enrichment


The Verkhovna Rada has passed a bill that reinstates criminal liability for illegal enrichment of government officials to the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Total of 259 MPs have voted in favor of the corresponding bill No. 1031.

Anastasia Krasnosilska

Anastasia Krasnosilska

Chairman of the anti-corruption committee

"It is proposed to establish liability for illicit enrichment if the cost difference between the acquired assets and legitimate income exceeds UAH 6.5 million"

She also adds that the bill provides a mechanism for civil forfeiture of corrupt assets, "if the official's unexplained wealth is worth more than his legal income, starting at UAH 1 million."

 According to Krasnosilska, the two mechanisms - liability and civil forfeiture will work together. An official will be found liable for large embezzlements, while civil forfeiture will be allowed for smaller cases...

"These tools - both civil forfeiture and criminal liability will only be available to NABU, SAPO and WAKS"

Anastasia Krasnosilska

 Liudmyla Ievsieienko

Liudmyla Ievsieienko

the Director of Innovation and Development Foundation-Ukraine

“Innovation and Development Foundation welcomes passing this bill. Immediately after the Constitutional Court of Ukraine declared the illicit enrichment unconstitutional, we stated that it is not just a step back, but a daring challenge to all progressive Ukrainians, world community, and everyone who works on implementing anti-corruption reforms in Ukraine ”