IDF launches a campaign to gather information on the integrity of regional prosecutors


Innovation and Development Foundation launches an all-Ukrainian public campaign to gather information on the integrity, professionalism and ethics of candidates for prosecutor posts.

Liudmyla Ievsieienko

Liudmyla Ievsieienko

Director Innovation and Development Foundation

"We believe that the public has something to say about regional prosecutors, and this information may be useful to working groups that will review regional prosecutors and to personnel committees that will directly interview candidates"

The goal is to make the work of the prosecutor`s office effective and trusted by the public.

“We urge representatives of central and regional non-governmental organizations to send information about the prosecutors' professionalism, ethics and integrity. Information may relate to undeclared property, luxurious lifestyle that does not correspond to the official income of the prosecutor and his family members, involvement in corrupt practices, compliance of the prosecutor's behavior with the requirements of professional ethics, other violations of the legislation of Ukraine”, stated Liudmyla Yivsieienko.

Information can be sent to:

Prosecutor General's Office:

Innovation and Development Foundation:

March 2, 2020, prosecutors of regional prosecutor's offices started the attestation.

The first and second stages of attestation will be held on March 2 - March 5, 2020 in Kyiv. The dates of the third stage (an interview) will be determined fallowing the results of attestation and verification of the documents submitted by prosecutors.

Prosecutor General of Ukraine Ruslan Riaboshapka informed that prosecutors who will be allowed to the final stage of the evaluation will also have their integrity checked, and it will include the conformity of the expenses and property of the prosecutor and his family, as well as close persons to the declared income, compliance with the requirements of behavior ethics, etc.

According to Riaboshapka, not only NABU employees, but also the public are involved in the integrity check, and it is an element of the last stage of the attestation process.

Ruslan Riaboshapka

Ruslan Riaboshapka

Prosecutor General of Ukraine

"We involve a great number of public organizations in the regions, since from Kyiv it is not always" visible" what is happening in Kharkiv, Donetsk or Lviv region, etc"