Supporting the concept of the development of Digital State in Ukraine,

Using international experience in facilitation of communication between civil society and government through prompt and efficient steps,

Following the principles of deregulation, demonopolization, deconcentration, debureaucratization, decentralization

We consistently support the transfer of 100% of state-owned services online; providing administrative services without the intervention of state officials; simplifying the process of receiving full package of administrative services in any life situation.


Complex Solutions for Government and Business
  • project management
  • expertise
  • business analysis
  • IT solutions
  • technological solutions
  • legislative initiatives
  • advocacy
  • communication
  • implementation

Personnel Reserve of the Best Experts of the State

Innovation and Development Foundation is forming a Personnel Reserve of the best experts of the State, who will be involved in mutually beneficial cooperation in responsible moments for the State within the framework of the reforms.

We always welcome:

  • Project Managers

  • Business Analysts

  • Lawyers

  • ІT-specialists
  • Communication Managers

To join the Personnel Reserve of Innovation and Development Foundation and to become a part of a team, please send your CV to: